Dair 2 B Sherlocked. Captain Swan & Sherlolly :)

Thanks for that vodka, Ellen! ;) And another thanks to that friend who wanted that photo! Something good came out of it! ahaha…



This was such a cute scene between Belle and Rumple :) Loved their first dance! 

Robin and Regina have a sad, quiet moment together scene 

The “Swan, are you avoiding me?” scene 

Killian and Emma “fight off” the mean snowman scene 

Oh and uh, Emma is on top of Killian too, ahaha…

Video of Emma and Killian’s first kiss this season, I like! ;) 

OUAT 4x02 promo: “White Out” 

Yay, another exciting episode!! :D 

Less than an hour away, Oncers!! So excited to see the ep again!! :D 

1 day more, Oncers!!! I’ve already seen the episode, but I’m still beyond excited for tomorrow because I can watch it again!! :D 

4x01: A Tale of Two Sisters

4x02: White Out 

4x03: Rocky Road

4x04: The Apprentice

4x05: Breaking Glass 

4x06: Family Business

4x07: The Snow Queen 

4x08: Smash the Mirror 

Similarities and Differences: Sherlock Holmes and the man who portrays him, Benedict Cumberbatch